May-Tag Community Projects

Maybole One Stop Shop
A new partnership with funding from FairShare of £100,921. May-Tag is the lead partner with Maybole Senior Citizens and Over the Rainbow, for a One Stop Shop project based at 6/8 School Vennel Maybole opened in May 2007. This new innovative project will continue the work of M.A.P working with local disadvantaged people, assisting them with debt, money and anti-social problems, as well as combining the needs of the senior citizens of Maybole an the surrounding area, and offering a range of new services.

Will support people to face the obstacles preventing them becoming employable. From January 2006 with the possibility of enhancing the project for a year with ESF funding applied for in December 2005 under the Rolling Programme, will work with people closet to the employment market. In this context, it might be possible to accept the reduced SEA contract money and utilise it against this project and feeding it into the woodlands development or other employment. Access closed in December 2007.

Maybole Resource Centre
Was opened with a grant from the Big Lottery of over £180,000 over the years 2004-7. The project supported and developed voluntary and community organisations which seek to meet the needs of the most disadvantaged people in this rural area, and which improve the quality of life of the community. The project has developed the capacity of the voluntary sector in the area, both in terms of services provided for local people, and in terms of facilitating the involvement of the sector at a strategic level with key agencies and stakeholders. Maybole Resource Centre closed in May 2007.

This service has now been augmented by a successful Fairshare application which has provided an additional post. The Maybole Resource Centre funding finished in April 2007 and current work is being carried out on a new Big Lottery Investing in Communities proposal for supporting 21st Century Life.

Maybole Access Point
The company was successful in achieving a three-year New Futures Funding contract worth around £170,000 and opened the MAP (Maybole Access Point) project at 76 High Street, to try to identify and support people to face the obstacles preventing them becoming employable. An intensive lobbying exercise around the future intentions of Scottish Enterprise for the New Futures Fund was undertaken and all projects in this category have had funding decisions derogated to the new Community Planning Partnerships.

There will now be a requirement to redesign MAP, a National Training Award winner, into a generic employability project addressing the client needs as set out in South Ayrshire’s Regeneration Outcome Agreements. Maybole Access Point closed in March 2007.